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Hi There!
My name is Craig McMullen and I am currently a Technical Animator working at TT games. My passion is generating quality creative content and experiences. I specialise in 3D Animation, Rigging & Motion Capture but have a well-developed skill set as a result of my freelancing history. 
I have approximately 9+ years of experience working with animation & the technology/software associated with it. I have worked on a wide variety of high profile, interesting and innovative projects, both small and large-scale including video games, gallery installations and major outdoor live art events where buildings are brought to life with 2D and 3D projections. I have game engine & production experience creating 3D & VR  applications using both the Unreal and Unity game engines.
My role within many of the projects extended beyond the production of work, I was often expected to fill a senior role, which typically involved being responsible for other members of the team as well as quality control on any work submitted during the many tight deadlines typically involved in projects of all shapes and sizes.
I have a proven history of working well & collaborating within teams, along with a proven ability to think creatively and problem solve. I am a trustworthy, hardworking individual who works well under pressure and regularly goes the extra mile for the people/projects I am involved with.
Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me, feel free to contact me directly to discuss anything!

Primary Skills

3D Animation

Motion Capture


Game Development

Python Scripting

Motion Graphics

Secondary Skills

3D Modeling


Special Effects